Woman crushes watermelon with her crotch, takes a bite in viral video

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The woman livestreamed her act on Weibo as the fruit popped and burst between her thighs with juice gushing down.
Woman crushes watermelon with her crotch2
Ever since people across the world gained access to social media, they discovered a platform to share their bizarre talents and witness antics of fellow users in any part of the world. Several people have become overnight sensations thanks to their weird abilities which sound unbelievable until you see them.
A woman in China seems to have joined this league of extraordinary netizens as she livestreamed herself crushing a watermelon with her crotch on social media site Weibo. The woman who talks to a man thought to be her boyfriend positions the fruit between her thighs and lifts her knees in an upward plank pose.
Woman crushes watermelon with her crotch3
 As she tightens her muscles, the watermelon can be seen popping and bursting with juice gushing down. When the man asks if it’s edible, she takes a bite from the crushed fruit as proof.

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