What’s with you and lemons of late, Beyonce?

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The singer just launched a kicka** teaser of something called Lemonade, and our goosebumps refuse to settle!

Beyonce knows how to keep her fans hooked–be it her etched-in-memory Super Bowl performances, her latest ‘active wear’ collection, or just her being alive, inhaling and exhaling on the same planet as us.

So, for a few months now, Queen Bey has been dropping random hints about her being part of something called Lemonade through her Instagram account.

What’s caught our fancy today, however, is the teaser she’s released (finally!) of Lemonade. Now, what Lemonade is–a TV series, a video series, a web series, a new album, another line of clothing–no one knows. All we know is that it’s in collaboration with HBO–all the more reason for us to hold on to our seats.

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