Weak Knees in Women

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Women are more prone to knee injuries compared to men. Take care of your knees

Creaky knees

  • The cause:. The creaking you feel is a result of a misaligned kneecap grating over the lower end of your thighbone. Women are particularly susceptible to this syndrome because our naturally wide pelvises cause our thighs to slant inward, This places extra force on a woman’s knees
  • The solution:Knee strengthening exercises

Achy knees

During physical activity, you feel a sharp pain between your kneecap and shinbone. The pain persists as a constant, dull ache.

  • The cause:tendonitis, which occurs when the tendons connecting your kneecap to the shinbone become inflamed due to repeated stress and overuse. Symptoms flare up when you increase the frequency or intensity of your workouts.
  • The Solution Cut back your activity level. Ice the area . More importantly, do knee strengthening exercises.

Stiff knees

You have trouble straightening or bending your knee

The cause. The cartilage that cushions your joints breaks down due to age, or excess weight, and makes your body produce more joint fluid in the knee. When the cartilage wears down completely, you’re left with bone rubbing on bone and painfully stiff knee

The solution  -Losing that additional weight will help. Regularly do knee strengthening exercises. When the knee swells up, ice the area, elevate your leg on a pillow and rest it

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