Warangal: Green nation, clean nation

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Nenu Saitham works for the purpose of saving environment.

Warangal: Would one be willing to smear their entire body with mud and walk the streets to let the officials know about the bad sanitary conditions in the surroundings? Can anyone sit in a dirty pond and appeal to the officials to cover them up because it is causing diseases to the locals or walk in heavy rain to campaign for saving trees?

Mohammad Subhani of Mahbubabad would not think twice before taking up an initiative like this which would result in saving the environment. Together with his wife Saleema, he floated Nenu Saitham in 2010, an NGO which works solely for the purpose of saving the environment.

He got support from local youth who volunteered to be part of the organisation and together they work to rekindle the environment by planting trees, conducting cleanliness drives in dirty streets or parks wherever the officials failed to act, helping the destitute or fighting the criminals who cut trees for business.

They conducted numerous programmes in Mahbubabad d ivision encouraging planting of trees. With their unique style of spreading a message they have earned themselves a name as the protector of environment. They are taking active part in the state government’s Haritha Haaram.

The Gandhi Park in Mahbubabad town which was neglected and in a sorry state was revived solely by the volunteers of Nenu

Saitham. They completely changed the face of the park by removing garbage and clearing the dirty puddles.

“Lack of enough number of trees affects our environment in many ways which we fail to recognise. No matter how educated a person is, they fail to understand the negative consequences of deforestation. It is one of the contributing factors to global climate change. So we have decided to educate people through Nenu Saitham that by saving trees, one can help combat climate change. One large tree can provide a day’s supply of oxygen for four people. We need more trees to make a difference in the environment,” Mr Subhani said.

Through their activities, Subhani and Saleema send a message that serving the society is much more satisfying than living a life for themselves.

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