Vijayawada in the grip of heat wave

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Main roads in the city were deserted in the afternoons with the sweltering heat driving people indoors.

Vijayawada: Discomfort mounted among citizens as the scorching  heat sapped energy and the mercury touched a high of 40° for two days in a row.

Extreme heat wave conditions, which MET had predicted would take place in early summer, are now in full swing.

Main roads in the city were deserted in the afternoons with the sweltering heat driving people indoors.

School students, especially those appearing for Board exams, were most affected by the heat wave. “Our examinations  end by 12.30 pm and the heat is intense by that time. Some of my friends got hit by sunstroke. Waiting in the sun for city buses makes it worse,” says P.M. Syamala, a student appearing for SSC examinations.

Many are refusing to venture out in the afternoons and are postponing their work. “We didn’t experience such heat at this time last year. The scorching summer is creating irritation and we are getting dehydrated soon after exposure to sunlight. The government should arrange temporary bus shelters in areas like Gunadala and others where bus shelters are not available,” says Medem Jagan Mohan, a senior citizen.

“Dehydration and sunstroke cases have increased in the last week. Most of the cases were reported from students and daily laborers who were exposed to the sun,” says Dr. Sampath Reddy, a general physician.

He suggested that citizens avoid spending too much time in the sun, and eat light. “Staying away from oily food is best in this tropical climate. Eating light food will help to boost immunity in summer. Maintain good hydration levels by consuming plenty of fluids,” advises Dr. Sampath.

People are requesting the government to provide free drinking water and ORS at major junctions of the city, considering the heat wave. “The government had supplied buttermilk and water last summer. We request the government to start it early this year,” says D. Lavanya, a private teacher.


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