A video posted on Facebook shows a driver positioning the car to help an elderly woman

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A video posted on Facebook shows a driver positioning the car in such a way so that other vehicles could be stopped in order to let an old woman cross the street on the zebra crossing. The video is gaining a lot of traction online, and will definitely leave a smile on your face.

It’s not very often that we find car drivers stop for long periods of time to let pedestrians pass unless the traffic signal compels them to do so (sometimes, not even then), which is what makes this video so heart-warming. Recently posted by People’s Daily China on their Facebook page, this video of a driver stopping at the zebra crossing to let an old lady cross the road is being appreciated by one and all.

Watch the video here.

Not only did the driver of the yellow car stop for quite a while hoping the lady would get the space to cross, but when the cars in the first lane refused to follow suit, the driver pulled over at an angle, stopping other vehicles from cross and, thus, allowing the lady to pass through, as well as someone with a stroller at the other end of the street.

The video has garnered a lot of praise on social media along with hundreds of shares, with many hailing this as an example of the fact that humanity still exists.

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