VIDEO: Daredevil cop shoots two robbers dead

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An off-duty officer Sergeant Rafael Souza managed to prevent a robbery when he fired at two armed robbers, while holding his child in the other arm. The officer walked into the store with his wife and child, 40 km outside the city of São Paulo Brazil, to buy medicine for his child when the incident took place. Two men, identified as Jefferson Alves (24) and Italo Creato (22) burst into the pharmacy wearing hoods and holding guns, as reported by The Independent.

Alves, reportedly, pointed his weapon towards officer Souza, who immediately took out his own weapon and started firing. The incident came to light when the CCTV footage was posted online. In the 0.23- second clip, the officer is seen holding his baby in one hand and firing towards the robbers with the other. The incident took place at Bifarma in the centre of Campo Limpo Paulista. Later, the paramedics were called to attend to the robbers, however they were pronounced dead at the scene. Souza, who is of the 49th Metropolitan Battalion in São Paulo, told investigators that he shot at the men because he believed they would have opened fire first after he identified himself as a police officer, as reported by The Independent.

Watch the video here.


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