This Valentine’s Day, Maybe The Only Person I Need To Love For A Change Is Myself

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This Valentine’s Day, Maybe The Only Person I Need To Love For A Change Is Myself

Valentines day
It took me a long time to figure out what the problem was. The constant need to be dating, to be with someone, to want someone around to make me feel like I mattered only ended up hurting me. Why? Because dating only works when two whole, independently complete people come together to share a common space. It doesn’t work when one is always working and going out of their way to make the other feel that they are actually needed there, that they matter. That is why there exists the vile idea of belittling someone by saying that they are “too needy”, or they need “too much attention”, which is why they don’t make for good partners.

There is also something to be said about how everyone wants the maximum output from relationships without putting in much effort.

But that notwithstanding, self-love is essential because it makes us a more wholesome person. It is also a conscious, constant activity. For those who find it hard to practice, they need to actually keep a check on their feelings and emotions and bring them back on track if they start going downhill.

But it is also indispensable because there shouldn’t be any need for me to ask someone for approval, I should be able to feel beautiful, loved, enough… all by myself.

So it is amazing that there are people out there planning dinners, buying presents, and heart-shaped cushions.

For now, I am happy buying flowers for myself.

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