UK: New Documents Show British Involvement in Lincoln Murder

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London|  A mysterious series of 19th century documents that have recently emerged from the archives of the British Royal secret services, have revealed some very controversial new informations concerning the assassination of Abraham Lincoln that took place on Good Friday, April 14, 1865. This new evidence suggests that the American President’s murderer, John Wilkes Booth, was in fact a paid agent of Her Majesty’s secret services, acting under direct orders from London.

A total of 72 pages of documentation concerning British secret operations during the American Civil War were recently discovered in the Royal family’s pivate library by an independant journalist and author, Timothy Blainy. The 41-year old American man was working on a book on 19th century espionnage with the permission of the Crown when he made the astonishing discovery. All documents have been submitted to authentification by three different teams of experts, all of which have come to the the conclusion that the documents were legitimate, confirming the authenticity of the paper, the ink, the calligraphy and the official seals.

According to these records, an agent of Queen Victoria named Sir James McElroy, would haved received in january 1864, the sum of 500£, an incredible amount at the time, that was to be used to recruit local collaborators and criminals in America, in order to kidnap or kill the President of the Union. The British Lord would have traveled to Canada and then to the southern capital of Richmond, where he would have established contact with the head the Confederate secrest services, James Dunwoody Bulloch. With the help of Mr. Bulloch, Sir McElroy would have been introduced to a secret society known as the “Knights of the Golden Circle”. From the members of this pro-secessionionist organization, he recruited three men known for their profound anti abolitionist sympathy, namely: Samuel Arnold, Michael O’Laughlen and James Wilkes Booth. These men would then have helped the British agent establish a vast network of spies and saboteurs throughout the United States.

The group first conspired to kidnap Lincoln in order to exchange him for 10 000 confederate war prisonners, but that plan did not get approbation from London and was not executed. They then revised their plan and decided instead to kill the President of the Union, Abraham Lincoln, as well as Vice President Andrew Jackson and Secretary of State William H. Seward. This new plan got the approval from London who sent another 200£ to help in the accomplishment of the task. The plan was not executed as planned, as the attack on Secretary Seward failed and the man assigned to attack the Vice President finally abandoned the project and threw away his weapon. Only President Lincoln was killed, while he was watching the play Our American Cousin with his wife, at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C..

Many scholars point out the fact that many of the conspirators involved in the plot have later been arrested and juged for their implications, getting sentences going from “death by hanging” to “life in prison”, but none of them seems to have revealed their connection to the British government during their interrogations. It is however plausible to believe that the American government did obtain the information at the time,  but might have decided to cover up that part of the story to avoid going to war with England at a time when their country was completely exhausted.

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