Two Dalits Go Missing, Former BJP Leader’s Role Suspected

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Two Dalits Go Missing, Former BJP Leader’s Role Suspected

Viral image of Bharat Reddy attacking Dalit youths Rajeswar and and Lakshman in Abhangapatnam village

The police registered a case on against former leader of the BJP, Bharat Reddy, on charges of kidnapping two Dalits. Bharat Reddy has gone underground after he made two Dalit youths drink dirty water from a puddle and harassed them in Abhangapatnam village of Navipet mandal in Nizamabad district.

Recently, two Dalit youths – Lakshman and Rajeshwar – opposed Bharat Reddy while he was trying to illegally quarry coarse sand from a village tank. An Angry Bharat Reddy thrashed them and pushed them into a water body. Later, he also made them consume dirty water from a puddle. The incident created quite a sensation in the region and the Dalit organisations have launched a stir demanding action against Bharat Reddy. They demanded that Reddy be arrested immediately.

However, Reddy has gone underground ever since video of his act went viral. According to Dalit organisations, both Lakshman and Rajeshwar have gone missing. They suspect that Bharat Reddy may have kidnapped them. they have lodged a complaint claiming that Bharat Reddy has kidnapped the duo. Based on the complaint the police filed a case against the former BJP leader.

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