This Summer, Go Fruit Picking To These 6 Indian Farms. Delicious Is An Understatement!

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1. Peaches And Apples At Ramgarh, Uttarakhand

This Summer, Go Fruit Picking To These 6 Indian Farms2

Straight from your childhood fairytale… Pluck juicy peaches and apples off the trees, bite into that fresh crunch and let the juices run down your chin. Where? Ramgarh Bungalows. With or without kids this place is a dream.

Gautam Nayyar says: “For a peace-loving creature this is the ideal place, however if you are still in mood to explore some activities, you may try the trek towards the river bed or the fruit orchards. The butterfly garden and the view of the valley will excite the shutterbugs. The fresh ( homemade) jams and syrups from the fruit orchards are a delight.”

2. Mangoes At Garhmukteshwar, Uttar Pradesh

This Summer, Go Fruit Picking To These 6 Indian Farms3

And who doesn’t like mangoes? Fresh mango icecream by the swimming pool meters away from a Mango orchard? Yes. Yes. And Yes!

Cool Guru Amit Jain says: “Swimming pool in the resort and other activities are the best. The hotel location is far from highway. Mango trees are a highlight.” How do you get there.

3. Tangerines And Kinnows At Amritsar

This Summer, Go Fruit Picking To These 6 Indian Farms1

Wake up to the gorgeous fragrance of tangerines! Indulge in some Cajun cooking and enjoy a tractor ride around the village.

Traveller Kamal Deep Sharma shares, “Amazing place to relax and rejuvenate yourself with amazing hospitality. Do not forget to try the orange juices freshly made and served. Go fruit picking. The property is beautiful with huge lawn and luxurious tents giving you a different experience as you’re living so close to nature.”

4. Apples And Cherries At Thanedar, Himachal Pradesh

This Summer, Go Fruit Picking To These 6 Indian Farms4

Get lost in the acres and acres of red apple and fresh cherry orchards draped amidst the mountain slopes! Yes, this is real!

Prabhakar Challa shares: “The property is well maintained. The large windows of the room look into the beautiful landscape. Food was fresh & tasted great. This is a must visit for a nature lover.”

Stroll through fruit laden boughs, take apple picking treks or just visit factories that make jams and jellies. Don’t picnics and trout fishing expeditions sound tempting? Yes, they have those too!

5. Chickoo Picking At Dahanu and Gholvad, Maharashtra

This Summer, Go Fruit Picking To These 6 Indian Farms5

When the sweltering summer just gets too much, cool off by relishing fresh fruits directly from the farms.

Sailesh Patel shares, “Relax,enjoy drink and take walks enjoying chikoos.” Adds Ankit Shah, “Chikoos were awesome.” The Maharashtrian belt is filled with blossoming chickoo orchards. Only 130 kms from Mumbai, Gholvad and Dahanu districts have farms run by Parsi families.

Not only do you get fresh off the bough chikoos you even get some awesome Bawa cuisine!

6. Grapes Picking And Crushing At Nashik, Maharashtra

This Summer, Go Fruit Picking To These 6 Indian Farms6

If you are a wine connoisseur, look no further. This totally fits the bill. What better than making your own wine? See how wine’s made, jump in on some  grape crushing and gorge on delicious food and wine in  their in-house cafes.

HolidayIQ traveller Suresh Ramaswami shares, “Nashik is known as the wine capital of India. Sula wine from Nashik is the only well known Indian wine brand. Once can visit wineries and have wine tours. Nashik is a very pleasant place with lots of hotels and eating joints to suit all tastes and budgets. Well connected by good road and train service from Mumbai. People are friendly. Nice weather for most part of the year. It is also a growing commercial city.”

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