Tetra packs to shoot up liquor sales in Andhra Pradesh

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Vijayawada: The excise department’s move to introduce a small quantity of liqour in Tetra packs could increase the consumption of liquor and lead to higher revenues to the government, opined experts.

The official reason for the introduction of liqour in Tetra packs, however, was to curb the adulteration of liquor. “Tetra packs would curtail the free flow of adulterated liquor in the state,” prohibition and excise minister K.S. Jawahar told this newspaper.

Officials also claim that the quantity and quality of liquor would remain uncha-nged in Tetra pack as it would have no evaporation.

The unannounced results of this move, however, would be higher consumption of liquor as consumers would buy more packets. For example, a person, who was buying 250 ml liquor earlier, would now have to buy three 90-ml Tetra packs for the same quantify, but he would end up buying 270 ml.

Apart from this, those, who cannot afford to buy higher quantity bottles co-uld also buy smaller Tetra pack liquor packs. This could result in higher sales of liqour. Excise department officials, however, claim th-at only local brands like Ba-gpiper, Old Monk, Haywa-rds among others would be available in Tetra packs.

The excise department introduced liqour in Tetra packs 10 days ago. The decision was taken in response to Telangana’s proposal to introduce affordable liquor, with a price between Rs 30 and Rs 40 as the state feared that it would dent the liquor sales in bordering areas.

Currently, a distillery in Nandyal, Kurnool district, is producing liquor tetra packs, while others are in the process of making required changes in the equipment, etc.

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