Telangana may cap Muslim reservation at 10 per cent

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K. Chandrasekhar Rao is likely to explain the reasons for downsizing the Muslim and ST quotas to 10 per cent.

Hyderabad: Reservation quota for backward sections among the Muslims and Scheduled Tribes (STs) is likely to be confined to 10 per cent each as against the 12 per cent promised by the Telangana Rashtra Samiti as part of its election manifesto. The draft Bills on Muslim  and ST quotas have been prepared by the state government.

The State Cabinet will meet on Saturday to approve the draft Bills, paving way for their introduction in the  special session of Telangana Legislature, convened on Sunday.

With this, the overall quota in TS would increase to 60 per cent from existing 50 per cent. It is learnt that the government wants to increase quotas for BCs, MBCs and SCs within six months, taking the overall quota to 69 per cent on par with Tamil Nadu.

At present, backward classes in Muslims have four per cent quota, which would be increased to 10, while for STs, it will be increased from existing six per cent to 10 per cent.

Official sources said the Sudhir Commission on Minorities and Chelleppa Commission on STs had recommended a 10 per cent quota for each of them and the same was endorsed by the BC Commission. The government wants to go by these recommendations, without sticking to the 12 per cent quota promised in the election manifesto as it may invite legal problems. Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao is likely to explain the reasons for downsizing the Muslim and ST quotas to 10 per cent each in the Legislative Assembly on Sunday.

Besides, the government also wants to raise quotas for BCs, SCs besides creating new quota for MBCs and plans to adjust the remaining nine per cent quota among these sections after six months.

The terms of reference on increasing quotas for BCs, SCs and MBCs has been given to BC Commission and it has been asked to take up an extensive study by touring all the districts to assess the social, economic and educational situations of these sections.

The commission has been asked to submit its report within seven month based on which the government will take steps to increase quotas.

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