TD in plans to strengthen party

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The TD is now concentrating on strengthening this structure further.

Vijayawada: The Telugu Desam, ably backed by its government in the state, is trying to strengthen itself more while the Opposition is in a state of disarray. The TD, projecting the government schemes, is linking them to the party, saying the benefits thereof would go only to those joining the TD and taking its membership.

The TD had released a schedule starting from January 23 on the booth, ward-level elections to the party president election on May 27. The ruling party is strategically planning to maintain its brute strength in the state by conducting regular surveys on the performance of the Chandrababu Naidu-led TD government, so as to take corrective steps where needed, and avoid any adverse impact on the party in the next polls.

The TD, which has the strongest cadre base among regional parties, is now concentrating on strengthening this structure further. There were intelligence inputs to TD government that until the midterm of 2016, there was going to be distress and dissatisfaction among the public.

During the period, the Chief Minister shifted base from Hyderabad immediately after the vote-to-note case, while the secretariat still operated from Hyderabad. The non-completion of projects along with Pattiseema, the severe drought in the state, the revenue deficit, inter and intra group disputes in TD with YSRC defected leaders, the allegations on MLAs involved in black-mailing and corruption, and others have come to haunt the party. The TD government’s performance had also been in a state of disarray.

Later, the completion of Pattiseema project and the Krishna Pushkaralu boosted the TD government’s image and the spirits of the TD cadre. From then, the CM had started concentrating attention on the party affairs by first organising a three-day brainstorming workshop with party leaders. He also activated the MLAs and in-charges by issuing grade cards. He then made all the leaders to interact with the public for about a month in the name of Jana Chaitanya Yatras.

Alongside, there was the TD membership drive. The TD even faced allegations that its leaders went about saying that the party’s membership registration is mandatory for those seeking benefits of government schemes. This apparently helped the party achieve a record level of registrations as compared to last year, and Nara Lokesh who led the drive is smiling broadly now.

In the very next move of Janmabhoomi, the TD had put its best efforts to fulfil the commitments to the public during the TD membership registrations.

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