A sweeter bid for Balapur laddu in Hyderabad – Telangana

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A sweeter bid for Balapur laddu in Hyderabad – Telangana

Fetches a record ₹16.6 lakh in annual Hyderabad temple auction

The famous Balapur laddu was auctioned for ₹16.6 lakh here on Sunday, setting a record. The highest bid that won the laddu was placed by Srinivas Gupta of the Balapur Arya Vaisya Sangham.

The laddu, which adorns the hand of the Balapur Ganesha idol, is believed to bring good tidings to those who win it through auction. This year, the ladduweighed 21 kg.

Another bidder, P. Ram Reddy, had raised the bid to ₹16.5 lakh before Mr. Gupta placed the highest bid.

The auction at Balapur began in 1994 with a bidder, Kolam Mohan Reddy, winning the laddu for a small bid of ₹450. Over the years, the bids increased and, in 2002, K. Madhava Reddy won the laddu for ₹1.05 lakh. While the bids steadily increased from 2002 to 2010, in 2012, P. Govardhan Reddy increased the bid by ₹2 lakh over the previous year to win the laddu for ₹7.5 lakh. In 2017, the laddu was auctioned for ₹15.6 lakh to T. Tirupathi Reddy. After winning the laddu on Sunday, Mr. Gupta said, “I believe it brings success. Each person to win the laddu turned successful in life.”

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