Sudden rain uproots trees and disrupts power supply in Warangal, Nizamabad

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Nizamabad/Warangal: Sudden downpour brought cheers to the people here on Wednesday evening as people were suffering due to hot weather. The showers followed heavy gales, which uprooted trees and electrical poles in several areas.
In Armoor, rain along with hailstorms badly affected the farmers.

The crops were damaged in Armoor, Velpur, Jakranpally, Dichpally and other mandals. Weekly market at Armoor was disrupted with sudden downpour.
Meanwhile, a tree fell on electrical sub-station at Vinayaknagar in Nizamabad resulting power failure in the town. People suffered a lot with power cut for long hours. As a precautionary measure, Transco officials also shut down the power supply in and around Nizamabad.

It is believed that frequent rainfall for last few days would recharge the groundwater table and also quench the thirsty of animals. People enjoyed with the showers in various residential colonies. Meanwhile, 20 huts were reduced to ashes at Repalle village in Duggondi mandal of Warangal district as heavy rain coupled with thunder storm snapped electricity wires on Wednesday evening. There was no loss of lives in the incident.

Warangal district headquarters were in the dark for a long time due to power cut because of thunderstorm and heavy wind. Trees got uprooted in some places blocking the traffic on the roads and some crops got damaged. Mango farmers complained all their trees have dropped the fruits prematurely.

There was traffic jam on the Warangal-Hyderabad highway as some trees got uprooted near Peddpendyal and Station Ghanpur. Crops like water melon, turmeric, paddy, chilli and vegetable fields, banana plantations and mango groves were damaged due to thunderstorms.

In Yellareddy, 11 goats died due to thunderbolt. Three buffaloes died at Nagireddypet of Nizamabad district due to thunderbolt.

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