SPYder Trailer: I’m Not A Spider Man Or Superman

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“I’m not a Spiderman or Superman, I’m doing nothing to the society,” says Agent Siva, who is actually saving the society from the clutches of an evil guy. That’s what Superstar Mahesh says in the trailer of “Spyder” which is released at midnight to feast fans and film lovers.

Playing the role of Agent Siva who works in Intelligence Bureau, Mahesh keeps on listening to the phone conversation where some people threaten others, some cry, and some scream help, as his software screen will blink.

And then an antagonist with a view that people have outnumbered goats and there is no wrong in killing them, goes on a spree of killing them by destroying bridges and flyovers. So, how these two are going to confront each other is the story.

Like any other typical Murugadoss film, this story also revolves around protagonist chasing the villain. But during interval bangs, villains actually say ‘I’m coming’ and heroes say ‘i’m waiting’, here the villain says ‘Come’. Mahesh as a spy and SJ Surya as the ruthless killer who declares some sort of war on humanity is excellent. Even the love-track between this spy and medico Rakul Preet is bubbly and lovable.

At the same time, most talked about aspect of the trailer is its visual effects. A large boulder (stone) rolling across the roads and that theme-park hanging cab scenes are giving goosebumps. One wonders what sort of social message and anti-social elements Murugadoss has picked for this film.

Santosh Sivan’s cinematography is top notch and Harris Jayaraj music is quite interesting. Seems like the makers have spent a lot to make this film look grand. Spyder is hitting cinemas on September 27th.


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