Service apartments in demand in Rajahmundry

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Service apartments are popular in metros and there are many in Hyderabad, Chennai and Bengaluru.

Rajahmundry: As the state government employees have started arriving to work in the temporary secretariat at Velagapudi located near capital city Amaravati, several builders are  looking at constructing multi-storied apartments and convert them into service  apartments to cater to their requirements.

Service apartments are popular in metros and there are many in Hyderabad, Chennai and Bengaluru. Multi-storied apartments with spacious three-bedroom flats with attached toilets for each bedroom, a hall and a dining room are being converted into service apartments. They are well furnished with all the required amenities.

People who stay in service apartments can avail the bedroom exclusively for themselves and share the common hall and dining room. Each room carries a price tag ranging from Rs 1,500 to Rs 2,000 and above per day depending upon the kind of amenities and quality of service being provided.

People who come to secretariat to get their work done can stay in such service apartments for a day or two until their work is done. They will be served with breakfast, lunch and dinner depending on their requirement.

The management of  service apartments has a chef who prepares the food and staff to see to the upkeep  of the apartment. The difference between a service apartment and a hotel is that the guests will get lodging and boarding at a relatively low price and also get homely food.

Unlike the strict confines of just a bedroom, in a hotel, guests in service apartments can enjoy the common areas and also interact if they so desire with others staying in the same flat.

Builders are eager to construct multi-storied apartments and convert them into service apartments at Velagapudi and also at Amaravati as it will take a long time for  hotels and other accommodation to be constructed there. They appealed to the state government to start allocation of land in other villages as it was done in Velagapudi  and develop infrastructure like road connectivity to capital city, drainage network and  power supply etc. It will help private agencies to start construction of multi-storied apartments and commercial activity to give push to economic development in the area.

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