‘Savyasachi’ Movie Reviews

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‘Savyasachi’ Movie Reviews

Savyasachi gets into the groove somewhere midway when it gets into thriller mode. The portions leading up to that, oh well, we’ll discuss that later. Imagine a situation where someone finds his world turn upside down, as though an unseen force tried to wipe something away from the face of earth. Everything looks bleak and it’s heartbreaking. Slowly, the mind that’s mourning over the turn of events begins to understand the presence of a sinister force. He sets out to unravel the mystery.

Naga Chaitanya as Vikram Aditya finds himself in this situation. It’s the actor’s second outing with director Chandoo Mondeti (after Premam) and the idea of Savyasachi is interesting. Vikram Aditya is both Vikram and Aditya rolled into one. He’s ambidextrous and that capability is attributed to the vanishing twin syndrome. Medical science describes this phenomenon as a possibility of a twin disappearing in the uterus during pregnancy, due to various reasons, and the foetal tissue being absorbed (in this story) by the other twin. Vikram has a few cerebral remains of Aditya within him and the latter’s neurons extend all through his left hand, giving it additional power.

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