Satyam Babu acquitted and released from jail-Rs 1 crore relief

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Pidatala Satyam Babu was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2010, in the Ayesha Meera rape and murder case.

Pidatala Satyam Babu, a youth who was sentenced to life in the Ayesha Meera rape and murder case, was released today from Rajahmundry Jail in Andhra Pradesh.

In a landmark judgment, the Hyderabad High Court on Friday not only acquitted Satyam Babu, but also awarded him compensation worth Rs 1 lakh compensation for putting him in jail for eight years.

The court reprimanded police for jailing him without cause, or proper evidence to show his involvement.

It said it was inhuman on their part, and ordered action against the officials responsible for Satyam Babu’s arrest and confinement.

Here’s what he said after his release from jail.

Ayesha parents want Rs 1 crore relief for Satyam

Call it a quirky twist or destiny’s will, Ayesha Meera’s mother Shamshad Begum feels sorry for Satyam Babu, who was portrayed as the ‘killer’ of her daughter in 2007. “Satyam Babu should be paid Rs 1 crore for losing eight years of his precious life in prison. The court’s relief of Rs 1 lakh is not enough for the poor boy,” Begum, a school teacher, told TOI after the verdict.

“At a time when I had lost all my faith in getting justice for my daughter, I feel there is a ray of hope for my daughter through this verdict,” Begum told TOI over phone from her Tenali residence in Guntur district. Her husband Iqbal Basha, who is also a teacher, chipped in: “Satyam has lost several years of his youth and Rs 1 lakh doesn’t compensate for that loss. The government must grant him Rs 1 crore at least.”

Begum said they have been telling that Satyam was innocent and that then government and police had misled the court on the investigation. “Our daughter would get justice only when the real culprit goes behind bars. We want CM Chandrababu Naidu to set up a fast-track court and conduct an impartial probe to nail the accused,” she said

Basha reiterated his charge that former minister Koneru Ranga Rao’s family members were involved in the rape and murder of his daughter. “We firmly believe that the cops misled the investigation and caused great trauma to Satyam Babu and his family. The case must be reopened and the culprit is given stringent punishment,” he said. When contacted, Vijayawada city commissioner of police Gautam Sawang said that he was taken aback by the verdict.

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