Samsung Galaxy A51 review

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Samsung Galaxy A51 review

Keeping up with its promise of launching Galaxy-A series almost every month, Samsung is back with Galaxy A51, its new mid-range premium phone that will directly compete with Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro when it comes to pricing. Samsung Galaxy A51 packs four rear cameras with a 48MP main sensor and Infinity O display. The smartphone uses the same Exynos 9611 processor that we saw on last year’s Galaxy A51 and Galaxy M30s.

Its price starts at Rs 23,999 for the 6GB RAM model that comes with 128GB storage. The phone succeeds the Galaxy A50s, which is slightly cheaper at Rs 22,999, but the new phone has been upgraded in terms of display and cameras. So, how does the Galaxy A51 perform? Here is our review:

Samsung Galaxy A51 specifications: 6.5-inch FHD+ Infinity-O Super AMOLED Display | Octa-core Exynos 9611 processor | 6GB RAM | 128GB internal storage | 48MP main sensor + 5MP macro + 12MP ultra-wide lens + 5MP depth rear camera setup | 32MP front camera | 4,000mAh battery, fast-charging Type-C port

Samsung Galaxy A51 price: Rs 23,999 for 6GB RAM variant

Samsung Galaxy A51 review: Design and Display

Samsung Galaxy A51 is lightweight, despite a big 4,000mAh battery. The company has used what it calls ‘Glasstic’ material for the back cover, which does not feel cheap or less premium. This is a mix of plastic and glass, ensuring that the device resists scratches and does not break should you drop it.

The square camera module definitely stands out and in a nice way. Finally, the Prism Crush effect is just the right balance of shine and subtleness, which I liked. The back cover is also curved on both sides, which helps with the grip. What I liked the most was that the phone is not too tall or wide, so it easily fit into my hands. Thanks to a compact and subtle design, I enjoyed using the phone.

The Infinity-O display looks stylish as the front camera sits in a punch-hole on the top in center. I liked that the front camera module is so small that you won’t even notice it’s there, which means more viewing space while watching videos and playing games that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The screen is slightly bigger than the Galaxy A51 and the bezels on top and bottom are thinner. This is a Super AMOLED FHD+ screen, which has great viewing angles. The icons looked sharp and the colours pop out too. I had no issues using the display in bright outdoors, which is another plus.

Samsung Galaxy A51 review: Camera

Samsung Galaxy A51’s 48MP main camera is capable of taking some excellent shots in places with ample light. In most photos, the details were intact and there was less auto smoothing, which resulted in close to natural colours that I liked. In a few photos, I noticed that the colours looked oversaturated, especially the bright ones like orange. There were also instances where photos looked overexposed, though the camera performed well in most scenarios.

In addition to the main 48MP back sensor, there’s also 12MP ultra-wide lens. With a lot of smartphones that I’ve used the ultra-wide on, I’ve noticed lack of details and poor quality photos. But that was not the case with the Galaxy A51, at least in bright outdoors. The photos appeared crisp and detailed. It does struggle a bit in low-light.

The 5MP depth camera is decent as it manages to click photos with good enough details in bright light. The macro camera, I’d say is average at best

The 32MP front camera should keep most selfie buffs happy. I got some great results with sharp, detailed photos and close to natural colours. The artificial smoothing effect is present in the photos, but it is not as jarring as what I have experienced on most other smartphones on the market these days.

Samsung Galaxy A51 review: Performance and battery

The performance on the Galaxy A51 is smooth when it comes to daily usage. I did not experience any app crashes or lag while switching between tabs during my review period. I used the phone to watch videos, listen to songs, click photos, play games, and browse social media. The phone did handle multi-tasking with ease. When it comes to graphics-heavy games like Asphalt-9, the phone was also able to handle it easily.

The battery should easily last for a day and half with heavy usage including long hours of binge-watching, playing games in between, listening to songs online and keeping a tab on social media. The phone charged from five per cent to 62 per cent in one hour and in total took slightly more than an hour and a half for it to fully charge to 100 per cent. The phone supports 15W fast charging.

I faced issues with the in-display fingerprint sensor as it failed to recognise my thumb print most of the time, in fact to a point where I wondered whether I registered the same finger or a different one. Turns out, you’ve to place your finger on the scanner at a certain angle and position for it to work, which was time-taking and frankly, a pain. The face unlock is more accurate and works better.

Samsung Galaxy A51 review: Verdict

Samsung Galaxy A51 is targeted at users looking for a mid-premium Android option. There’s a lot to like including the Infinity-O display, stylish design as well as good cameras and performance. This is a good buy for those willing to spend up to Rs 24,000. Those looking for alternatives can consider the Redmi K20 Pro, which now starts at Rs 24,999 and offers the better Snapdragon 855 processor.

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