Safety council to curb mishaps in industries

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Aim to also identify trouble-mongers in units.

Nellore: Most of the 120 large industries located in Nellore district evinced interest in taking part and contribute to the success of Nellore Industrial Safety and Security Council established for the first time in the state in Nellore district. Nellore is one of the important districts of AP state geographically located at the Southern end and it has recorded a GDP growth rate of 19 per cent in the previous half year.

Some disturbances at a few industries, which are detrimental to the promising industrial atmosphere in the region, led the higher authorities to come out with NISSCO idea. At the instance of Guntur IG Sanjay, the security General Managers of Krishnapatnam Port and Sri City Mr Rajendra Prasad and Mr Altaff apart from Additional SP of Nellore have prepared a Standard Operating Procedure according to which the council would take security measures during floods, cyclones, fire and public attacks with the help of employees and other stakeholders.

During interaction with the industries, the IG had urged the representatives of industries to improve social activities so that local problems can be solved peacefully. They were also advised to identify the persons likely to create law and order problems in their firms and provide information to local police in time for taking appropriate action and also suggested to form an association of all industries which will help in solving so many problems.

Good practices pertaining to safety of their labour and security of their industries have been discussed elaborately. Issues like giving employment to the locals, objections from locals  on development works and pollution issues were discussed. It is suggested the industries to dissuade the mediators between management and villagers/ employees who aggravate the issue. Local law and order issues, where the intervention of local police is needed, should be brought to the notice of the higher police officers.

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