Zebronics ZEB-FIT 100 review: A neat, discreet fitness band

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With the ZEB-FIT, you can operate remotely your phone camera from your wrist.

There are plenty of fitness bands out there — so which one to buy has become a matter of personal style and aesthetics. Some prefer big, loud things on their wrist which proclaims to the world that they are fitness freaks. Others are discreetly understated bands that will be hardly noticed, but still offer full functionality. Zebronics’ foray into the health wearable arena falls in the second category.

The ZEB-FIT 100 has all the usual health related functionalities: pedometer, distance tracker, calorie estimator, sleep monitor, alarm clock. The LED display is small — the size of a standard wristwatch dial. An app integrates it nicely with your mobile phone. It will give you notification of incoming calls and text messages and also syncs with popular apps like WhatsApp. You can operate remotely your phone camera from your wrist. One useful feature is the ability to make your phone ring repeatedly, if it ‘strays’ beyond Bluetooth range of 5 metres — it could be stolen or misplaced. The Zeb wearable costs Rs 1,414 and comes in 3 colours.

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