Revealed! This is how Aamir Khan will look as Lord Krishna in SS Rajamouli’s Mahabharata!

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Wow! Aamir Khan looks perfect as Lord Krishna! You MUST check it out right now!

Filmmaker SS Rajmouli has become a name to reckon with, all thanks to the success of his ever ambitious project- Baahubali! The maker of the much loved Baahubali franchise is already planning a grander film now. Wondering what might be bigger and better than Baahubali itself? It’s the eternal epic war story- Mahabharata! Yes, SS Rajmouli has already started dreaming about this magnum opus and we can assure you that this is oen dream every movie fan would love to see materialize into reality! Now most of you won’t be new to the art of story telling the maker has. And you can can be assured that he would bring in the best of cast that there is to play major characters in the movie adaptation of Mahabharata. In fact, not long ago, actor Aamir Khan had made news for expressing interest in playing Lord Krishna in Mahabharata – the film.

However, the actor also confessed that he wasn’t talking about being part of SS Rajamouli’s film. While talking to a leading film magazine, Aamir was asked if he has confirmed his role of Lord Krishna in SS Rajmouli’s Mahabharata. On that he was quoted saying, “I’ve not said that. I’ve no idea about Rajamouli making the film. I said if Mahabharata is ever made, then that’s the role I’d like to play, that’s the role I believe I will fit into. And it’s the character I love.”

But to the delight of all the fans out there waiting for a confirmation on this project, a sketch artist has re-imagined some of the most loved Bollywood celebs for playing the pivotal characters of Mahabharata. In his sketches, Aamir became Lord Krishna, Deepika Padukone became Draupadi, Vidya Balan- Satyavati, Rajnikath- Dronacharya, Ranveer Singh- Sahdev and the list is quite long and AMAZING! The sketches are beautiful and all the actors fit the part that the artist has imagined. This is definitely the dream cast that can take SS Rajmouli’s Mahabharata to an epic level! Check out these breath taking sketches right here!












Well, doesn’t Aamir look perfect as Krishna? Why only Aamir, all are just perfect fit for the roles assigned to them! Which one is your favourite? Post your thoughts in the comment section below!


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