Reason For Katamarayudu Teaser Delay

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From a long time, teaser of Pawan Kalyan’s most awaited flick “Katamarayudu” is not being released. Though the makers are sharing various reasons for the postponement of teaser release, we found an ‘exclusive’ reason for the teaser not making to media.

Actually Pawan’s film might be a remake or a sentimental story of brothers, but the action sequences involved in the movie are quite top notch ones. We hear that Pawan want to include few shots from the film’s hair-raising stunt scenes where the protagonist’s heroism is elevated to the new level.

However all these shots involve lots of VFX sequences and the Computer Graphics work isn’t completed now. That’s the reason the trailer launch is being kept on hold, as Pawan don’t want the teaser to come out without these goons-flying-into-air kind of shots inside.

The makers are dillydallying the release because there is no clarity for them as to when these visual effects shots will be completed. Also, they can’t pressurise the studios involved in making these graphics work because each shot involved VFX is pretty complicated when it comes to Katamarayudu, says a source.

Directed by Dolly of Gopala Gopala fame, Katamarayudu is produced by Pawan’s wingman Sharat Marar and aiming a pre-summer release

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