Rats, mosquitoes have free run in Bengaluru streets

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The waste dump is an assortment of trash, leaking drain water and plastic plates, which attract mosquitoes and rats.

Bengaluru: Those residing at Indiranagar’s ESI quarters along with their families have to put up with an unwelcome sight of overgrown shrubs and piles of garbage teeming with mosquitoes and rodents.

The waste dump is an assortment of trash, leaking drain water and plastic plates, which attract mosquitoes and rats. In addition, inebriated men use it as a public urinal.

“This dump has been there for six years now. The stench is bad, so we never open windows. Because of the increase in mosquitoes during rainy season, a lot of residents here, including me, got dengue a year ago,” said Sampath, a resident on the ground floor adjoining the dump.

He does not allow his children to play in the complex due to the health risks, but they are not safe even inside the house.

“A temporary fence was placed by some residents to prevent the dump from spilling over into our quarters, however, the rats continue to enter the quarters. From our kitchen and toilets, rats come out through the drain pipes. It is disgusting,” Sampath added.

For Kanthamma, who moved in only a year ago, it was a shock. “It smells really bad especially because of the drain water. When it rains, it’s another story. One of my family members had got some infection. Doctor said it could be because of mosquitoes or some insect,” Kanthamma said.

Senior citizen Monica’s husband and son took it upon themselves to reduce the mess.

“Six months ago my husband and son, cut the wild shrubs and cleared some of the garbage. They also put a temporary fence to encompass the compound. Of course, the situation remains bad even now,” Monica explained

Residents claim that drunk men create a ruckus in the night here, smoke ganja and openly defecate there.

For the children running around, cycling and lost in play, they are blissfully unaware of the health risks from unhygienic surroundings. Ironically, the notice board at the quarters reads ‘Health is Wealth’.

Rats come out of our toilets and kitchen, through the drain pipe. It got blocked and started leaking. The stench is terrible.
Sampath, a resident of ESI quarters

The dump has become a spot for people to toss their garbage and men come and defecate there, especially at night.
Monica, a senior citizen

Court battle on, we cannot do much: Corporator Gautham Kumar, Ward 89

There is a waste dump near the ESI quarters, which has not been cleared for year, why?
There is a dispute over the ownership of that area, with one person claiming it is his private property and the court has granted a stay. Hence, we can’t touch it

Residents complain that garbage problem is getting worse…
Nearly one-and-a-half months back I got 7-8 lorries to clear the garbage. The person, who had claimed it was his property, started creating a ruckus. So we were unable to clean the area completely. The people living in ESI quarters said some of them cleaned it  partially.

I have got it cleaned thrice so far. I have spent Rs 85,000 and none of the residents pitched in. I am trying to clear the area and want to make a nursery, but can’t do anything due to the court’s order

Is there any solution and who is responsible?
The land is locked in legal dispute. If ESI comes forward and protest, I will support them. It is a central government authority, so it does not fall in my hands. They must build a compound wall.

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