Ram Gopal Varma Is Going To Direct A New Film Titled, ‘Disha’

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Ram Gopal Varma Is Going To Direct A New Film Titled, ‘Disha’

Maverick director, Ram Gopal Varma tries to grab the attention of all and sundry with his tweets. He never steps back to pass comments on the issues going on in and around the society. RGV who stays active on social media has come up with an update about his next project.

Now, he tweeted that he is going to direct a new film titled, ‘Disha’. He added that the film will explain why therapists who involved in the rape and murder of Disha killed her.

Look at the tweets:

My next film is titled “DISHA” which is going to be about the DISHA rape ..After the brutal rape and horrific murder of NIRBHAYA, the DISHA rapists went further in their ghastliness in actually burning the poor girl with petrol #DishaNirbhayaTruth

Film “DISHA” will detail the thought process of the DISHA rapists as in why they killed her..They dint want to do the mistake of NIRBHAYA rapists by leaving the girl alive so that she could lead the police to them #DishaNirbhayaTruth

We all know that RGV has created much hype with the film ‘Amma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Biddalu’. The film focused on the current political situation in Andhra Pradesh.

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