Rajinikanth gets honoured with WhatsApp emoji

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Superstar Rajinikanth gets featured as an emoji in WhatsAppp for next release Kabali.

Kabali, the next release from south superstar Rajinikanth, seems to be the highlight for many. While the craze for the superstar is highly witnessed in south India, the craze seems to have spread outside the country in a different way. WhatsApp, the most used messaging app in India with 35 per cent of mobile users already on its platform, has honoured Rajinikanth by featuring a few emojis based on his character from his next film Kabali.

The Rajinikanth mania will spread through WhatsApp too —the emoji icons are featured in style, which the superstar is already well-known for. The emoji resembles his looks from the movie Baasha where he is seen wearing coolers and blazers with an upright vintage hair style. The icon can be seen under the Football icon list and is now reportedly trending among his fans.

Rajni Kanth

Rajinikanth is well-known for creating history through his films, and now he seems to going ahead to break the online social platform too with his new emojis.

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