Rahul Gandhi’s ‘late’ retort prompts ‘tubelight’ taunt by PM

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Rahul Gandhi’s ‘late’ retort prompts ‘tubelight’ taunt by PM 

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi dubbed Rahul Gandhi as “tube light” saying it took him 30-40 minutes to respond to his speech in Lok Sabha. The PM took repeated digs at several opposition leaders in the Parliament on Thursday.

Without naming Rahul Gandhi, Modi in his reply to the discussion on the presidential address referred to the Congress leader’s comments he had reportedly made about “youth beating Modi with sticks over the lack of jobs”, and said he would increase the number of Surya Namaskars (a yoga exercise) so that his back can bear the sticks.

“In 70 years, no Congress leader has ever become self- sufficient. I heard one leader’s manifesto yesterday. He said ‘we will beat Modi with a stick in six months’. I can imagine that it is a difficult prospect, so it will take six months to prepare.

“In these six months, I will do more surya namaskar so that my back is ready for the beating…I have been subjected to abuses in the past 20 years, I will make myself gaali-proof (abuse-proof) and also danda-proof (stick-proof),” Modi said.

When Rahul Gandhi got up from his sit and questioned Modi on the issue of unemployment, Modi said he was waiting for the Congress leader’s reaction but it took him 30-40 minutes.

“I have been speaking for 30-40 minutes but it took this long for the current to reach. Many tube lights are like this,” Modi said prompting ruling NDA members to burst into a laugh.

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