‘Race 3’ review: a compendium of inanities

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‘Race 3’ review: a compendium of inanities

Despite its vacuous randomness, the franchise is showing no signs of letting up

Let me make an honest confession. I had high expectations from Race 3. Definitely not regarding logic and plausibility; I was looking forward to some plain, unadulterated, old-fashioned cheese on screen to top off the coffee, mini samosas and cream donut on my snacks tray. Sadly, I must report that all I got in this family saga of globalised NRI goons is some stale taste of sheer inanity and randomness. A small sampler of what to expect:

*Innumerable twists and turns that leave your brain with a crick and a cramp because just about anyone can see them coming anyhow. Then pray why have them at all?

*Threads that are left dangling and unresolved. Like a bunch of randy politicians get blackmailed but are made to disappear from the script, even before they can even pay the demanded ransom. It’s like Remo D’Souza decided that they were of no use in the larger scheme of things. Or he found the film was getting too unwieldy. Not that it is any less clumsy and ungainly in its present shape.

To come to the little details, there is a surveillance instrument called ‘micro fluid body tracking device’ which serves more as an object of romance between the hero and the heroine. At least it could then have been given a less scientific, more amorous nomenclature.

*Talking of old-fashioned devices inspired by spy films of yore, there’s a bomb in a pen strategically placed in the shirt pocket, close to the villain’s heart; with the trigger in the hands of senior citizen hero Anil Kapoor who is so seriously fit and agile that he makes ‘52-going-on-35’ Bhai’s biceps seem like bad fat than good muscles.

(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by Daily Report and is published from a The Hindu.)

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