Puttagunta Venkata Sateesh Kumar

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Puttagunta Venkata Sateesh Kumar

  • Lion Puttagunta V Sateesh Kumar has been working as an active member of TDP from 1994.
  • He was also an aspirant for MLA seat from gannavaram consistency twice in 1999 and 2004 respectively.
  • Puttagunta V Sateesh Kumar served as a member of Vigilance & Monitoring Committee (Govt. of India ).
  • Shri Puttagunta also served as a member of Telecom Advisory Board ( Govt. of India).
  • Shri Puttagunta Sateesh Kumar served as a member of project arrow (Dept of posts-Govt of India)
  • Puttagunta Sateesh also served as an Assignment member , gannavaram consistency in 1994.

As a Chairman of Global Service Trust – a Charity Trust, PUTTAGUNTA VENKATA SATEESH KUMAR organized a supply of safe drinking water project ,under this Global Service Trust. He organized supply of drinking water every day to every village of consistency and so thousands people are benefited with Global Service Trust.

Distribution of Scholarships worth of 5 lakhs every year to poor people. Distribution of note books , text books to the poor students , these activities were taken up and have been continuing . Health and mentally Retarded people also taken care by this Trust.




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