Puri Jagannadh filed false case: Telugu Film Distributors Association

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The Telugu Distributors Association has condemned the police case filed by director Puri Jagannadh. “It’s a false case; the distributors never demanded anything from the producer or director or anyone. We just requested them to compensate something as we incurred huge losses,” said Sudhakar Reddy, president, Telugu Film Distributors Association.

He added that they usually request the producer first. “And then we request the next big beneficiary of the film, which is the director or the lead actor.”

The association also wondered whether Puri had filed the complaint on his own or somebody had asked him to do it. “We distributed the film because of Puri and the word he gave us at the time of release,” says Ramdas.

He adds, “I read in the papers that we are absconding. So I called the police and I told them I would be in touch and was ready for any inquiry.” “We are planning to file a defamation case against Puri,” says Kaali Sudheer.

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