Pune Police’s Aise Kaise Chalega meme for man breaking traffic rule wins Internet

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Pune Police’s Aise Kaise Chalega meme for man breaking traffic rule wins Internet

Pune Police is known for its on-point Twitter game. Right from hilarious memes to witty replies, the official Twitter handle of Pune Police has it all.

On Tuesday, it won the hearts of netizens with a savage reply. It all started when a Twitter user posted a picture of a man driving a bike without helmet. The bike in the photo featured a rather fancy rear registration number plate as it had a crown sticker and ‘Khansaab’ written on it.

The user urged Pune Police to take necessary action against the bike rider.Pune Police acknowledged the tweet and gave a hilarious response. It replied with, “KHANSAAB ko cool bhi banana hai, KHANSAAB ko hairstyle bhi dikhani hai, KHANSAAB ko hero waali bike bhi chalani hai, Par KHANSAAB ko traffic rules follow nahin karne. Aise kaise chalega KHANSAAB?” (Khansaab wants to act cool, he wants to flaunt his hairstyle, he wants to ride a ‘hero’ bike also but at the same time he does not want to follow traffic rules. How will this work Khansaab.)

The reply by Pune Police left the netizens in splits. “I can’t stop laughing,” a user commented. Many users also expressed concern over rising number of bikers with such fancy registration number plates.

“Such bikers have also increased in city. I know it will be difficult to issue challan without number, but you need to figure out how to fine them,” a user commented while sharing a photo of a bike with an unauthorised number plate.

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