President Donald Trump Visit To India

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President Donald Trump Visit  To India 

Diplomatic channels are in touch for the visit of US President Donald Trump to India on the open invitation extended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Government sources have told India Today that while the talks center around a possibility for the US President to travel by end of February, a date has not been fixed yet. This comes at a time when Trump’s impeachment process is underway in the US.

Another official said that there can be changes and cancellations depending on domestic developments referring to the impeachment proceedings. Therefore, the dates are not fixed yet.

The US embassy in New Delhi declined to comment on reports of the visit and referred the query by the reporter to the White House.

India and the US have been in discussions for a visit by US President Trump at an appropriate, mutually convenient time, said a government source.

This would be President Trump’s maiden visit to India. While there are speculations that it could pave the way for the significant Indo-US trade deal, there is no official confirmation to that effect.

This visit also comes at a time when Prime Minister Modi has been facing stiff resistance over the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, NRC, and Kashmir.

The US recently has been critical of the continued political detentions and internet blockade in Kashmir.

Alice Wells, the Acting Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia, tweeted on Jan. 12 that she was “closely following” the visit of the envoys to Kashmir, describing it as an “important step.

Wells, who is in New Delhi for the Raisina Dialogue had written, “We remain concerned by the detention of political leaders and residents and Internet restrictions. We look forward to a return to normalcy.”

For Trump, the visit during an election would be crucial as he would be looking at garnering support from the Indian community in the US through this visit.

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