Pornstar admits he struggles to satisfy his wife sexually

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Los Angeles: Pornography is heavily consumed by millions across the world everyday, thanks to the accessibility provided by the internet. But just as every industry has its benefits and drawbacks, porn also has a downside as it might result in exploitation or affect personal lives of pornstars.

One such pornstar facing the dark consequences of his sexual exploits on screen is Derby born Keiran Lee, who admits that while he has sex with thousands of women in front of the camera, the work makes him unable to satisfy his wife the same way he brings to life the fantasies of his global audience.

A successful pornstar, Lee has his nine-and-a-half inch penis insured for Rs 85 million, but admits that when he gets in action with his wife Kate after a day at work, he is just a two minute wonder on several occasions.

When Keiran started off as a porn actor at 19, he was making Rs 12000 a shoot and now that he has become one of the biggest pornstars, Lee makes Rs 2.6 lakh everyday. But none of that helps when it comes to satisfying wife Kate, who herself is a retired adult film actress.

The couple has been together for six years now and they have a two-year-old son. He says that what he does is just his profession and he and his onscreen partner walk separate ways when the director says ‘cut’.

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