Poor sanitation troubles Vijayawada residents

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Colonies on city outskirts are not taken care of by the VMC.

Vijayawada: Sanitation and garbage collection has become a problem for the residents on the city outskirts.

Density of population in nagara panchayats of Gollapudi, Ramavarappadu, Kanuru, Poranki, Prasadam-padu has increased after the announcement of the capital. But sanitation facilities and manpower at the local bodies has remained the same, which is creating problems.

Offices of heads of the departments were established in rented buildings in nearby panchayats considering the availability of office spaces at affordable prices. Hundreds of employees have shifted from Hyderabad to work in the head offices have rented houses in nearby areas. As a result, population in these areas has increased drastically which is creating problems.

Residents of these areas are facing problems with the poor sanitation and garbage management implemented by the panchayats. “Garbage has become a big problem at Gollapudi. Dumper bins were not available in the colony and citizens are throwing waste on streets. Despite our complaints, panchayat workers are not clearing the garbage for weeks. Stinking smell is creating problems,” said Javvadi Padmavati, a homemaker from Vuppara-bavi Street in Gollapudi.

“Stary pigs and dogs are creating problems for us. We are not able to come out of houses due to the bad odour. Vacant lands in the locality have become dumping yards. Government should consider our problems and maintain sanitation as is done by the Vijayawada Municipal Corpo-ration,”says P. Sundar Kumar, a resident of Ramrajyanagar in Gollapudi.

Residents of Ramavara-ppadu, Prasadampadu and Enikepadu are also facing problems with garbage and untidy roads.

“We don’t have sufficient sanitation staff. We are working day and night to clear the garbage but it had become an impossible task for us. We hope the government will increase the staff considering the problems,”says a panchayat official, on condition of anonymity.

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