Political equations change in Kurnool

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Despite no polls ahead, Gangula’s family joins YSRC.

KURNOOL: Political equations are fast changing in Kurnool district. Though there is no election in the near future where political strengths may be assessed, the crossover of leaders from one party to another is causing turmoil among the cadre. The TD, which had so far been gaining members via defection, for the first time lost a dependable leader from the Allagadda constituency to the YSR Congress party.

District TD president Shilpa Chakrapani Reddy said the allegiances of Gangula family had swayed in Jagan’s favour owing to local compulsions. He said, “One sheath cannot hold two swords,” and that it was inevitable for the ambitious to seek greener pastures.

Former housing minister Shilpa Mohan Reddy, older brother of Mr Chakrapani Reddy, who is in-charge of the Nandyal constituency holds a contrasting point of view. He said that although there was no equation with the local MLA Bhuma Nagi Reddy, still in the interest of the party, they are continuing in it.

Responding to rumours that the Shilpa brothers were toying with the idea of leaving the TD, Mr Mohan Reddy said, “As of now, we have not given it any thought. We have the utmost trust and confidence in the Chief Minister. He will sort out the issues that we are facing in the district.”

However, in the event that Mr Bhuma Nagi Reddy is inducted into the Council of Ministers, he said that they would surely leave the party. He said he would pray that such an eventuality would not arise in the near future.

In the aftermath of the desertion of TD by the Gangula family, Mr Chakrapani Reddy was confident that the party was still on firm footing. He also brushed aside rumours of his intention to defect to the YSRC, and said that his family was committed to the TD.

He also said that with a strong cadre they expected good results in the upcoming MLC elections. Mr Chakrapani Reddy, who is also in-charge of the Srisailam constituency, said that the TD is very strong in Kurnool district.

“As far as the MLC elections are concerned, all the candidates that our party supports will win with a sizeable majority, he said. On the sand mining issue involving the son of Deputy CM K.E. Krishna Murthy, which has snowballed into a controversy, Mr Chakrapani Reddy said he could not comment on the matter as it was sub judice in the High Court.

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