Pawan Kalyan hits back at Ram Gopal Varma

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The war of words between Pawan Kalyan and RGV took an ugly turn.

People on social media have been trolling Pawan Kalyan for giving a miss to the protest on January 26 that demanded special category status to Andhra Pradesh. Ram Gopal Varma, too, slammed him in his own inimitable way. A stung Pawan then slammed RGV back for his comments, while the latter took Pawan to task through his rejoinders.

Having had enough of RGV’s tweets, the Power Star of Tollywood very cleverly put a check on him and declared that he won’t speak about him anymore. Over the last couple of days, Ram Gopal Varma had been tweeting about Pawan Kalyan — on the way he is supporting jallikattu and also for the special status.

When asked to comment about RGV and his tweets, Pawan Kalyan said, “He is more than 50 years old and his daughter is also married. But even at this age, he says that he is collecting porn films. What do I talk about such a person?”

He also added that he will never speak again about Ram Gopal Varma as this is his final reply to the director for his tweets. Interestingly, RGV has tweeted not just about Pawan but also about his brothers Chiranjeevi and Nagababu after Nagababu criticised him at a public function.

RGV, of course, reacted to PK’s comments. He said that he never talked about Pawan Kalyan’s three marriages and his personal life, but the actor spoke about his personal life in front of the media. He said that he tweeted about Pawan Kalyan as he liked the actor and not to criticise him. The director rued that the actor took it as a criticism. He further added that he didn’t hide anything about himself as he has written everything in his autobiography Naa Ishtam.

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