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Dr. Venkata Ramana consultant orthopaedic surgeon has earned name for treatment of patients.In tune with Dr. Venkata Ramanachanging trends in science and technology Orthopaedic surgery is also moving forward to restore the functions of the injured limbs. Many latest techniques both surgical and mechanical are adopted all over the world for the total benefit of mankind.Dr. Venkataramana consultant Orthopaedic surgeon backed by a decade of excellence is using all the latest surgical techniques for speedy restoration of the function of injured limbs. For the last 11 years he has successfully restored the function of many injured hands from finger tip injuries to replantations. He had undergone special training in hand surgery in Stanly Hospital Chennai which helped him in achieving his goals. Thousands of patients from coastal Andhra Pradesh are happy in getting back their function after fractures and crush injuries. He worked as a special trainee in Micro vascular surgery at Govt. Stenley Hospital Chennai and shared vast experience with many fellow doctors. Mr. Ramana is the pioneer in the field of vascular surgery and replantations and doing vascular surgeries and saving many limbs. He rejoined many totally divided legs and hands preventing many people from becoming handicapped.
Dr. Ramana is saving many Crush injured patients by using reconstructive surgery. Dr. Ramana has gained experience by working in the orthopaedic departments of Osmania General Hospital, Apollo Hospital and Stanley Hospital in Chennai. He served in hand surgery and Micro Vascular Surgery wings of the hospital. He was also the head of the department of Medwin Hospital Hyderabad. He has extended outstanding medical services as a consultant in trauma and orthopaedics of the Nagarjuna Hospital and he is one among the pioneers in managing vascular injuries for the last ten years successfully. He was actively involved in the development of a regional referral Centre for Vascular Trauma Care at Nagarjuna hospital. Backed by rich experience, Dr. Ramana has been successful in handling even difficult and complicated fractures. Dr. Ramana has brought all the latest techniques with in the reach of common man now at vijayawada itself by establishing Dr. Venkat Ramana Trust Hospital which is comitted to a cause … the trauma care.

Our  Specialities :

Orthopaedic Surgery
Hand Surgery
Vascular Surgery
llizarov Technique
Arthroscopic Surgery
Spine Surgery
Joint Replacement
Neuro Surgery
Maxillofacial Surgery
Trauma Intensive Care
Laparoscopic Surgery
General Surgery
Plastic Surgery
Chest Trauma

Our  Services :

Accident & Emergency
joint replacement
Spine Surgery
General Surgery
vascular surgery
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery



Subregistrar Office Road, Kalanagar,

Benz Circle, Vijayawada – 10

Phone : 0866 247 0909

Mobile : 0866 247 5656

E-Mail : info@trusthospital.com

Website : http://trusthospital.com

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