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At last, Telugu Desam Party national general secretary Nara Lokesh Naidu has made his intentions clear, albeit indirectly.

He is not going to be content with just a berth in the Cabinet of his father N Chandrababu Naidu. He has a larger ambition: to ascend the throne of Chief Minister after 2019 elections.

In an informal chat with media in Vijaywada on Thursday, Lokesh said there was no truth in the reports that he was being inducted into the Naidu cabinet in the next reshuffle.

“I am not interested in joining the cabinet now. But yes, I am preparing myself for 2019,” he said.

Apparently, Lokesh is hoping that the TDP would come to power in 2019 elections again, but he would take the place of his father in forming the government. And Naidu would retire from State politics and go to Delhi to steer the wheel at the Centre.

Well, there is nothing wrong in day-dreaming, Mr Lokesh. But, why are your party MLAs and MLCs are so eager in resigning from their posts to get you elected to the Assembly or Council? Why so much hype about your Cabinet berth?

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