Nutrition Myths

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Nutrition Myths


  1. Egg yolks should be avoided as they raise cholesterol in the body– this is not true. Dietary cholesterol has minimal impact on cholesterol in the body. The yolk is a powerhouse of nutrition


  1. Rice should not be eaten at nights– Half a cup of cooked rice or 2 chappatis have the same amount of calories.


  1. We need to fast to remove toxins from the body – Our liver, kidney, spleen remove toxins from the body. There is no need to fast from time to time


  1. Potatoes make you fat– Potato is a simple carbohydrate like white bread/pasta etc. When eaten in small portions, it does not increase body weight


  1. The more water you drink, the healthier you are– This is a myth. Up to 2 liters of water is sufficient for the body


  1. Fruits like Mangoes/ Pineapples / Bananas should be avoided– as long as eaten in moderation, these fruits are good for you. They carry nutrients . They are better than eating a sweet


  1. Cutting all fats from food creates weight loss– Fat is essential for the body. It is important to choose the right type of fats and the right quantities. Cooking oils when used up to 2 -3 tablespoons a day in your cooking is good for the body.


  1. Diet colas are ok to drink– Diet colas save you the 140+ calories found in a regular coke. But they contain artificial sweeteners. These sweeteners trigger insulin response, leading to fat storage in the body.


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