This is NASA’s new electric plane

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This is NASA’s new electric plane

NASA has a four-year timeline for developing the aircraft.


Amid the growing concerns about climate change, NASA has decided to build an eco-friendly— electric plane to accelerate the production of zero-emission aircraft that will use less energy and cruise at a higher speed, as compared to currently used aircrafts.

The electric plane, named X-57 will be designed only to seat a pilot. The plane will sport 14 motors that power propellers. While all the 14 motors would operate during takeoff and landing, only two would be required once the plane is cruising high in the sky. However, the X-57 will have a limited range of 100 miles and an hour or less of flight time.

NASA is considering advances in battery technology to augment the plane’s power in future years. In a statement reported by The Washington Post, Matt Redifer, the chief engineer on the project said, ‘If batteries continue to be on the same rapid increase in energy density that they have been on over the past 10 years or so, one can envision five to 10 years out in the future the battery technology would be such that this particular aircraft could be enabled for a commercial-type aspect.’

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, commercial aircraft contributes 11 per cent of US transport emission and 3 per cent of all US emission. With this, NASA hopes that switching to an electric plane would be more valuable and will be five times more efficient as a typical plane.

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