Moved by the plight of blind people, Hrithik Roshan secretly pledged his eyes!

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Mumbai: The big-hearted human that Hrithik Roshan is, he would carry out noble acts of kindness and not make any noise about it. After playing a visually-impaired character on celluloid, the actor has now pledged his eyes to his family ophthalmologist Dr S Natarajan’s Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital in Wadala.

On his birthday, January 10, the actor had carried out the formalities.

Despite trying really hard to keep this piece of information away from public attention, Hrithik’s benevolent side has made its way to national media. In an interview with a daily, Dr. Natarajan, who has been treating Hrithik’s grandfather for years now, revealed that while prepping for his role in ‘Kaabil’ the actor not only witnessed the trials and tribulations a blind person endures in his life, but was also utterly moved by it.

“After watching Kaabil’s trailer, I called [Hrithik’s father] Rakeshji, asking if Hrithik would like to pledge his eyes. He told me Hrithik had already been planning to do so after learning of the lives of visually-challenged persons (while immersing himself in the character of the lead protagonist).” Unwilling to draw attention to the noble deed, he quietly pledged his eyes on his birthday at the eye hospital, says the doctor. “He did it out of affection, not to gain popularity or to promote his movie,” Dr. Natarajan was quoted as saying.

Hrithik is, however, not the first celebrity to pledge his eyes. Veteran actors like Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan have also promised to donate their eyes to make a difference in the lives of those in dire need of it.

Hrithik has earned our respect!

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