Mahesh Kathi’s questions to Pawan and Poonam!

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Mahesh Kathi’s questions to Pawan and Poonam!

Kathi Mahesh is a simple movie reviewer, that is till yesterday. Today, he is a big celebrity who appears on TV to discuss the social and film lives of various celebrities, mainly, Pawan Kalyan and people who support his Jana Sena.

Mahesh Kathi called for a press conference today and there few Pawan Kalyan fans have been sent to police station in order to avoid any kind of attack or drama at the press conference. Kathi Mahesh, said that he has life threat because the fans of Pawan Kalyan are following him and he wants to end this fight there.

He said, ” Pawan Kalyan seems to be a reluctant celebrity and politician. He doesn’t want to control his fans. Some of them issued death threats to Renu Desai, saying that if re-marries they will kill her husband and her. He did nothing to give his ex-wife confidence. Then what can he do for me? ”

He continued, ” All I am asking is few questions and people like Kona Venkat are saying that I should be banned from society. As a Dalit, I have been banned many times before and this won’t be new. But why? What wrong did I commit? I am drawing conclusions like a normal person does and to believe Pawan Kalyan, I need some answers from him. Didn’t he say, I came to question Government for us? So, no body should question him?”

To Poonam Kaur who called him Fatso, he said, ” She is a lover of Pawan Kalyan and I can prove that. I have six questions for her and if she can answer them, you will all know the truth. My questions are straight forward. Why does she hate Trivikram Srinivas? Why did she tried to commit suicide, thinking Pawan Kalyan cheated her? Who saved her at that time? Who payed the hospital bills? What did Pawan say to her mother? How did she get the job of brand ambassador for APCO? What was she doing when Trivikram Srinivas is doing some ‘Kshudra Poojas‘ (Tantric ceremonies) there? I can prove each one of the my questions and allegations with proofs. At least now, come to a discussion and end this here. This is my request to Pawan Kalyan and his gang of supporters.”


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