Looking For Serenity, Head On To Yousufain Dargah, Hyderabad

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Looking For Serenity, Head On To Yousufain Dargah, Hyderabad

One of the oldest Holy places in the City of Nizams, Yousufain Dargah is located in the heart of the city, Nampally. This is a 300-year-old Dargah is also known as Nampally Dargah and Yousuf Baba Sharif Baba Dargah, draws huge crowds from across the country. It is believed that two Muslim saints, namely Hazrath Syed Shah Yousufuddin and Syed Shah Sharifuddin were buried here.

History Of Yousufain Dargah

During the ruling of the Mughal emperor, Aurangzeb, Shah Yousufuddin and Syed Shah Sharifuddin were the commanders in the army who helped in conquering the Kingdom of Golconda. Both the Yousuf Baba and Sharif Baba were originally from Syria. During a pilgrimage/hajj they met Sheikh E Azam Peer Kaleem ullah Jahanabadi in Mecca. They accompanied kaleem ullah Jahanabadi to Delhi and later on his instructions they joined the Mughal Force under the Aurangzeb regime. After conquering Deccan they left forces and decided to stay in Hyderabad

During the siege of the Golconda, Aurangzeb’s Army camped for four months at a stretch around the fort to take control of it.

One night there was a huge storm that swept away all the camped troops and everything but there was only one tent which remained with the candle burning. When the troops arrived they saw shadows of two men (Hazrath Syed Shah Yousufuddin and Syed Shah Sharifuddin) who had been reading the Quran in candlelight. The storm blew over but did not disturb them or their surroundings. After this incident they were famous and were recognized as saints.

When these two saints died, they were buried in Nampally and their tombs were constructed during the Nizams era. And since then this place is believed to be religious and people from across the country irrespective of their class in the society visit this place. Some people also stay temporarily around the tombs.

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