Karnataka: Government hospital doctor was on leave for 20 years!

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The report revealed that 103 doctors were on unauthorised leave till the end of December 2016.

Bengaluru: A government doctor in Hassan went on unauthorised leave in October, 1997, and it took the state government nearly 20 years to sack her! She was terminated only in January this year.

This is the finding of a report prepared by the state health department on unauthorised absenteeism among government hospital doctors, as per the instructions of its Commissioner Subodh Yadav.

The report, released in January, revealed that 103 doctors were on unauthorised leave in the state till the end of December 2016. Yadav informed that he has recommended to the state government to terminate the services of 84 such doctors.

One of the common complaints against the government run hospitals, especially those located in the rural areas and small towns, is that doctors are not available and unauthorised absenteeism is rampant. The report also revealed that another doctor was on unauthorised leave since 2000.

Most of these erring doctors were serving in taluka hospitals and despite not reporting for duty for years, their services were not terminated.

A senior officer of the health department said, “These doctors are paid very well, but still many are not keen to report to duty. These doctors are also shown as working at a particular hospital, but in reality the patients don’t get to consult them.”

“Ever since Yadav came to our department, after being transferred from the KPSC, he has initiated several reforms and this is expected to benefit the general public,” he added.

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