India needs bold decisions, time now to clean up table: Arun Jaitley

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Finance Minster at Vibrant Gujarat Summit in Gandhinagar says excessive paper currency has its own vices.

Mumbai: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley at the eight edition of Vibrant Gujarat Summit in Gandhinagar said that the One Nation One Tax regime known as Goods Services Tax will lead to a seamless and hassle-free transfer of goods and services in country.

Jaitley said that before the BJP-led government assumed office in May 2014, the country did not have a proper direction to tread on to.

“Country needs bold decisions to reform the economy. India has become aspirational,” he said while adding that he can make out a huge change the country has undergone over the past two years.

The finance minister also advocated need of a cashless economy and why it was important for country saying, “Excessive paper currency has its on vices.” Macro-economic data are showing an upward climb, he said.

While referring to governments’ sudden notes recall decision that has led to huge cash crunch, Jaitley said that difficult decision in the beginning pass through tough times.

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