India: 11-Year Old Builds Power Grid for Whole Village From Raw Sewage

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New Delhi | A young 11-year old boy who lives in the outskirts of India’s capital city has managed to bring electricity to no less than three hundred people of the area through the use of raw sewage outpouring from the industrial sector.

The young boy who does not attend school and recycles aluminum cans for a living was inspired by a Youtube video he saw at the local Presbyterian church computer skills teaching program.

“Our preacher is very active in the community and when I told him about my idea, he did everything to make it happen” admits the young boy who was abandoned at birth on the steps of the church.

The young boy was inspired by a Youtube video that showed how methane is produced from trash

The young boy was inspired by a Youtube video to harness the methane from the local open sewers

“I saw how they extracted methane from garbage. My village is built on garbage and the nearby sewers generate much higher quantities of methane” explains the enthusiastic 11-year old who hopes to be an engineer one day. “All we needed was a way to harness all that energy” he adds.

For the next months, young Kashmri Malanjarhat and priest Yugandi Virashnivatt travelled to every town nearby, gathering support from local communities for funds and labour. Thousands of peoples from the surroundings regions came to give some of their time and brought materials to build the massive plastic bassins to contain the raw sewage to be converted to energy.


Pastor Virashnivatt believes the young boy was a Divine blessing from God to the church since the day he was found on it’s doorsteps, 11 years ago

“Kashmri has always been a very special boy. He never lies, is always fair with others and has a very charismatic aura about himself” comments the priest who still can’t believe how such a young boy could change the lives of so many. “He has also brought many new converts to the church” laughs away the 57-year old priest.

“It’s hard to believe this came out of the mind of a young boy. He has not attended one day of school in his life, yet he is smarter then all my students combined” jokes Professor Maharishi, one of many volunteers from the University of Delhi who took part in the project. “The people of the area are blessed by his presence, that is for sure” he adds with a smile, visibly impressed with the young boy.

The University of Delhi, who has supervised the project successfully since it’s beginning, hopes to see the model established elsewhere and has planned 16 new projects for 2015.

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