Hyderabad: Sub-Inspector aspirant dies after exercise

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He was also working at a bike workshop; last week he got his certificates verified.

Hyderabad: A 28-year-old SI aspirant who cleared the written test and was preparing for physicals died in Madannapet on Tuesday. D. Sunil Kumar, who went for exercise in the morning, collapsed at home after he came back. He was rushed to a hospital where doctors declared him dead.

Sunil was the eldest of five siblings and his parents wanted to make him a police officer. Sunil’s father Dasharam Ramesh is a retired SI. After completing BSc, he cracked the DSc entrance and was awaiting recruitment. But as becoming a police officer was his dream he started preparing for the selections.

He was also working at a bike workshop. Last week he got his certificates verified. On Tuesday morning he went for running and returned at around 7.30 am, with some uneasiness in the stomach. Thinking that it was gas trouble he took a cold drink. Then he tried to vomit and collapsed.

“Our happiness that he cleared the written test did not last long. The family has lost its biggest hope,” Sunil’s uncle Parashuram said. His parents, brothers and sister were inconsolable.

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