Hyderabad: School collects pocket money

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The money is being collected under the head-‘Pocket Money+Imprest’.

Hyderabad: City parents are miffed with Indus International School at Shankerpally on city outskirts for charging ‘pocket money’ for students even in primary sections. The school has reportedly asked for Rs 50,000 to Rs 60,000 as pocket money if the students are boarders. Day scholars are being billed Rs 10,000. The money is being collected under the head-“Pocket Money+Imprest”.

Mr Anubha Sahay, president of Indiawide Parents Association said collecting pocket money for school children was unheard of, and illegal. She asked if the school had permission from the state government to collect pocket money. Vice-chairperson Anjali Razdan of the Hyderabad Sahodaya School Complex, a body of corporate and international schools, felt the term ‘pocket money’ could have been avoided.

The Hyderabad School Parents Association took strong strong objection. “Why do kids studying in first to fifth grades need pocket money? What will they buy at such young age? Parents are paying fees for transport and meals in addition to the tuition fee. What is the need for pocket money,” said association executive member Aravinda Jata.

Indus Schol Principal C.P. Joseph said the pocket money was for additional expenses like paragliding, external exams or purchasing sports gear. It will also pay for additonal field trips, which is not a recurring expenditure. “The balance is carried forward to the next year,” he said.

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